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Involute Gear Hobs Involute spline hobs that we manufacture are used for cutting of all kinds of standard and non standard involute splines as per DIN 5480, 5481 & 5482.
Serration Hobs We are best manufacture all types of Serration Hob cutters with various angles and with all types of pitches. Serration Hob is generally designed to cut serrations as per requirement.
Spline Hobs Expert Tool Industries manufacture Spline Hobs as per standard as well as to specific requirements of the user for Straight Sided as well as Involute Splines in Class ‘A’ and Class ‘AA’ accuracies.
Sprocket Hobs We are manufactured cut roller chain sprockets within the range from ¼” to 3” pitch or 5mm to 76mm pitch in DIN, BS, JIS, ASA standards. These are also manufactured in single or multi start as per various sprocket request.
Timing Pulley Hobs Expert Tools Industries is manufactured of Machine Relieved Profiles for Timing Pulleys with Straight Sided or Involute Teeth for Rubber Timing Belt Pulleys.
Worm Wheel Hobs Worm wheel hobs are generally designed for plunge cutting. These hobs are a part of specific tools that match the worm shaft with sharpening allowance.
Side And Face Cutters We manufacture superior quality of Side and Face Cutters which are primarily used in the milling machines. It is designed with the cutting teeth in its side and on its circumference.
Slitting Cutters We provide an extensive range of slitting cutters which is available with the slitting saws of various sizes ranging from 50 mm to 350 mm. The metal slitting saws of our cutters are relatively thin.
Master Gears As per requirement of customers we can manufacture spur and helical master gears in DIN 5, DIN 4 class of accuracy for roll noise test of gears.
Convex Cutters We offer a comprehensive range of convex cutters which are extensively used to mill the surface of the components and producing the profile on components.
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